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ZAPR is the only TV app in the world that can help you track your TV consumption behavior. By auto-syncing with your television, the app automatically knows what you're watching on TV and for how long.

India's Smartest TV Companion App

ZAPR is India's favourite TV companion app. ZAPR is able to sync with your living room television and automatically build your viewership profile through our sophisticated frequency fingerprinting algorithms. By automatically knowing what kind of TV shows you like to watch, ZAPR can recommend other similar shows which you should be watching.

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ZAPR personalizes your TV viewing experience by recommending awesome shows which playing right now TV, as well as telling you what your friends and other ZAPR users are watching right now. All of this to help you stay entertained and never miss popular shows on TV.
Awesome TV Guide
ZAPR has an incredibly elegant, intuitive, and easy to use TV Guide, bringing the week's schedule across over a 100 channels at your fingertips.
ZAPR syncs with your living room TV and is able to build out a detailed viewership profile of your TV show preferences. From the profile you can track how much TV you've been watching and get some nifty graphs and charts
Track all the shows that you have been watching over the past week. This section automatically populates just like magic with zero user effort.
Trending Shows
Want to know what's popular and what the rest of the country is watching? Our trending shows section will showcase the weeks' most popular and most watched shows.

Top Shows and Top channels this week

ZAPR is the only TV app in the world that can help you track your TV consumption behavior.

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