Deepak Baid
Deepak is a fitness enthusiast, Goa-phile, ex-consultant and an entrepreneur. He spent 4 years at IIT Madras exploring the mysteries of biotechnology and genetics. He opted out of a career in research and over the next few years completed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and advised global corporations as a consultant. However, given the calling of his ‘marwari’ genes, he jumped the consulting bandwagon and joined forces with Sajo and Sandipan to build Zapr.
Sajo Mathews
Sajo is a musician, naval architect, economist and technopreneur. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur and following his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, travelled extensively across India as consultant for Feedback Infrastructure. The five years at IIT Kharagpur had ignited his love for technology and when the opportunity of Zapr came along, he promptly joined his IIM-A batch-mates to follow his passion of building innovative customer-facing tech products. He is driving forward Zapr’s technology initiatives.
Sandipan Mondal
Sandipan is an amateur pastry chef, marketer and entrepreneur. After spending five years in the US, in 2008 he had a ‘swades’ moment and knew it was time to return home. He spent the next few years pursuing his MBA at IIM-A, exploring possible business ideas and finally took the entrepreneurial plunge in late 2011. He has previously worked as a marketer and a consultant, with Nestle, Accenture and Essex Lake Group, across India, USA and Germany.
Gyanendra Pandey
Software Developer
Gyanendra was Red Brick Lane's first employee. He's a driven professional with a strong technical skill set, a quick learner and has deep expertise in 3 tier architecture. He's gotten a taste of the start up environment first hand, having to juggle multiple projects simultaneously. He's been quite an asset to the team, with over two years of experience in software development. On the personal side, he enjoys cricket, swimming, traveling and reading.
Vipul Jain
Android Developer
Vipul is Red Brick Lane's mobile apps guy. He's quite excited about the evolution and development of mobile apps. He's responsible for taking all the abstract requirement and churning out a mobile product from it. He'd love to go on a world tour if possible, but is held back by his love for sleeping. He's played volleyball at the district level and enjoys volunteering time for social causes. He's a computer science graduate from Lovely Professional University.
Swati Choudhary
Marketing Analyst
Swati is a commerce graduate from SRCC. While exploring careers she stumbled upon Red Brick Lane and ZAPR. The thrill of working with a passionate team as well as being a part of an innovative product is driving her. She aspires to bring 'Creative Edge' to her work and make 'Marketing' her forte. Apart from work she loves to read and lives to dance.
Agam Jain
Software Developer
Agam is an engineer from DA-IICT, Ahmedabad. Getting to know technology from various angles and complexity of development from ground zero motivates him everyday. Flexibility as well as responsibility at ZAPR has gotten him excited about working at a startup. He is also a die hard Arsenal fan and a music lover.