A fusion of advanced digital signal processing & data analytics to drive unparalleled media insights & targeted TV to mobile audience engagement

Zapr is India's Largest

Media Consumption Repository

We analyze what millions of individuals are watching on Television (and other offline media), and use this data to answer various questions that broadcasters, advertisers and media agencies grapple with.
We can answer questions like-
“What content is trending on television?"
"Which are the most popular shows of the people who watched my show?”

We also help advertisers reach out to people based on their media consumption preferences. For instance, we help brands run a mobile ad campaign / facebook campaign targeting everyone who watched their ad on TV.
ZAPR is India's largest such repository with orders of magnitude more data than any one else in this industry. Our database comprises of millions of users with whom we engage via hundreds of publishers, exchange networks and social media sites.

As a data company we work very hard to ensure that the privacy of our users is respected. Our privacy practices have been audited and certified by international privacy bodies to conform to global best practices.
We work with leading brands, agencies and broadcasters in India, who trust our data to power their campaigns.


ZAPR offers a suite of services to different types of partners. Click on the icons below to know more.

Our Expertise

  • Media Buying Optimization

    Make data-driven decisions for your media plans. With access to ZAPR’s massive viewership data repositories, you can now derive deterministic insights on audiences and increase your efficiency in the media-buying process.

  • TV to Mobile Engagement

    ZAPR’s audience platform is the ultimate tool for brands and media companies to identify audiences who have watched their TV commercials; segment audiences based on their media consumption; re-engage with audiences across the mobile, digital and social universe.

  • Enhanced App Monetization

    Leading publishers are integrating with ZAPR to drive disruptive feature offerings for their user base and to bolster their monetization capabilities. ZAPR is catalysing the shift from TV advertising dollars to mobile advertising, paving the way for higher eCPMs through video and rich media ad formats.

  • Advanced Media Research

    Survey TV viewers in real-time to measure effectiveness of TV brand campaigns and receptiveness to TV shows. Include ZAPR in OneSource studies and track a user through the entire sales funnel: beginning from awareness all the way to purchase.

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