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Leverage the world's largest media consumption repository. Identify, understand and reach your audience with the power of our media intelligence & integrated advertising solutions.
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150 Billion+
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100 Million+
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We analyze media consumption
to bring you data insights and execute cross-screen campaigns
How do we do it?
Our offerings
Zapr Engage

Leverage our cross-channel marketing solution to find, reach, and engage your TV audiences on mobile.

Zapr Insights

Go beyond sample audience data with real-time insights that can transform media strategies.

Zapr Research

Get precise, scientific, accurate research for media planning and budget optimization.

Who do we cater to?
Target competitor audiences, build reach, conduct brand lift surveys and optimize your media plan and ad spends.
Provide integrated marketing solutions by connecting different advertising silos across traditional and digital channels.
Get individual, hyperlocal viewership data analytics of your shows and target viewers on mobile for instant turnout and feedback.
Access accurate data on individual level TV content consumption, get feedback from target groups and track them from awareness to sales.
Customers growing their business with Zapr
Success Stories
"It's definitely disruptive, it's definitely something that was long overdue and it is definitely changing the way we measure media consumption at this point."
Baldeep Singh, Country Manager, WPP Data Alliance
"(Zapr) gives me something about the top 10-15% of India, which aggregate data based on sample sizes will not tell you."
Mallikarjun Das, Group CEO, Starcom India
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Zapr's Privacy Policy
We firmly believe in the philosophy of 'privacy by design' and have upheld this from conception to execution, keeping user privacy protection at our very core. We intend to answer all your concerns on our privacy policy and you can always reach out to us for any further queries.