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Smart Segments

Exclusive media-consumption based digital audiences to sharpen digital targeting.


Understand how your app users are watching TV.

Broadcaster Package

TV viewership insights and cross-screen engagement.

Audience Analysis

Brand lift surveys and TG research for efficient media planning.

Newly launched!
Target exclusive media-consumption based digital audiences via DMPs!
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Data-Driven Leaders
“Zapr gives me something about the top 10 – 15% of India which aggregate data based on sample sizes will not tell you.”
Mallikarjun Das, Group CEO, Starcom India
“Zapr with its rich set of data helped us plan the campaign and reduce the kind of CPMs which we usually see in TV campaigns. It also helped us take real-time decisions to optimize the campaign”
Kaustubh Khare, Brand Head, Behrouz Biryani
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"Looking at the overall picture and as per our research, we reached good brand awareness. More than 60% of our TG (with Zapr campaign) had seen the ad; more than 60% of them could recall the brand tagline."
Anuj Arora, Head of Marketing – India (Home Textiles) at Welspun Group
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Case Studies
Not Just Food, But TV Ad Delivery
Swiggy measures the impact of major TV campaigns on its app users, and gets granular city-level content consumption data for TV media planning.
Pharma I CTR
Rebel Foods (Formerly Fasoos) Caters to Their Target Group Smartly.
Read how Rebel Foods Worked out the Recipe for Efficient TV Media Planning with Zapr.
Pharma I CTR
Combining Engage, Insights, Surveys
PharmEasy partnered with Zapr to achieve its objective of building brand awareness and analyzing the impact of their brand campaigns both on TV and digital.
Pharma I CTR
Customers growing their businesses with Zapr
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