Provide integrated marketing solutions by connecting different advertising silos across traditional and digital channels.


Provide integrated marketing solutions based on accurate TV viewership data, market analysis and geo-specific audience analysis.


Connect different advertising silos across traditional and digital channels to reach priority markets at half the spends.


Plan media campaigns to boost brand association in real-time, build wider brand awareness and generate quality leads.

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Our offerings on data analytics, TV targeting and consumer research are uniquely tailored to provide actionable insights and real-time solutions.
TV viewership data dashboards

Plug into millions of TV viewing minutes across 650+ TV channels via interactive analytics dashboards. Compare TV channels, shows and brand ad campaigns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Market analysis based on offline media consumption

Identify and segment your markets based on content preferences and affluence indicators across premium content on HD channels, high-end to low-end smartphones, and highly granular locations.

Geo-specific audience analysis - target hyperlocal to large markets

Dive deeper into media consumption data among specific locations and engage customized markets, from niche socio-cultural pockets to larger states and regional language belts.

Build better brand awareness by integrating TV and Mobile

Boost your brand messaging by engaging audiences who have not watched enough of your TV commercials (frequency building), are unfamiliar with your ad (incremental reach) or viewers of competitor brands to win top-of-mind recall.

Generate quality leads

Sync TV commercials with powerful calls-to-action on mobile! Turn offline campaigns into measurable lead generation.

Reach priority markets at half your TV spends

Identify your client's target audiences based on their TV consumption, target the same TV audiences directly on mobile without spending heavily on TV.

Reach your audience on effective mobile platforms

Engage TV viewers online across any app they use. Reach them on effective social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook and save 60% of costs compared to non-targeted digital campaigns.

Leverage Live TV moments to boost brand association

Amplify brand message on different mediums. Put multiple screens to use and deliver faster and high impact messages among audiences as they watch live events on TV.

Media planning for the right channels and right slots:

Identify target audiences based on TV consumption, conduct surveys to find out content preferences, brand affinities, demographics and more. Get actionable insights on where to place your TV ads to reach them on the most optimized shows and time-slots.

Keep your customers engaged with a smarter TV strategy

Zapr can also help you plan media campaigns according to the preferences of your brand's existing customers and reach them on multiple screens.

Use real-time mobile surveys to measure actual brand impact

Measure brand awareness, ad recall and purchase intent among TV audiences, find out how people are watching your client's shows on TV by reach, time-spent and geographic distribution. Compare data between viewers and non-viewers, and present real impact numbers to your clients!

Tushar Vyas
Chief Strategy Officer, GroupM South Asia
"Zapr is beautifully connecting the offline and online world, specially TV and mobile. And the uses are multiple, starting from insight, understanding visual behaviour at a deeper level, and at a hyperlocal level."
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