Target competitor's audiences, build reach, conduct brand lift surveys and optimize your media plan and ad spends.


Get data backed insights on TV audiences for any campaign across any industry


Reach your target audiences with the most optimized cross-screen campaigns


Measure brand campaign's impact and go full circle with improvised media plans

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Our offerings on data analytics, TV targeting and consumer research are uniquely tailored to provide actionable insights and real-time solutions
Know Your Market Better. Much Better.

Get to know your audience's prefered genres and languages, premium content consumption patterns (HD or SD channels), and socio-economic profiles based on their handset data. Find homemakers, professionals, sports fans, movie buffs, etc. and correlate them with age, gender and timeslot preferences to narrow down your ideal offline audience.

Are your TV ads creating impact? Measure in real-time:

Track the performance of your TV campaigns. Measure unique reach and frequency of ad exposure across any genre, channel and time slot - primetime vs. non-primetime, weekdays vs. weekends.

Competition watch: Analyze share-of-voice among their TV ad viewers

Measure the share of eyeballs among you and your competitors in select industries. Accurately map out viewers of any TV campaign on a daily basis and get in-depth insights into the strategy of top performers in the industry.

Hyperlocal TV viewership Insights

Deep dive into granular geographic insights such as for cities and states. Get even more niche data on socio-cultural regions, district and zonal levels.

Reach new audiences who have never seen your TV ads

Reach audiences who were not exposed to your ads on TV and engage them directly on mobile. Get 3x the unique reach on digital, for the same amount you spend on smaller 'tail' channels in your TV plan. What more? Save 80% costs compared to other mobile advertising platforms.

Achieve optimal frequency for your TV ads

Reach the 20 - 40% of TV audiences who don't have enough exposure to brand ads. Identify both the threshold and optimal frequency, and target the same users with customized number of ads.

Engage relevant TV audiences:

Target viewers of high impact TV events like the Indian Premier League (IPL) or Olympics, primetime shows with massive reach, and niche segments like the 'MasterChef' series.

Grab top-of-mind recall from TV campaigns

Engage your TV ad viewers immediately on mobile. Beat industry benchmarks for mobile engagement with the first ever cross-media execution in India.

Draw competitor audiences

Win back share-of-mind from competitor brands by targeting audiences exposed to their ads on TV. Neutralize competition without needing to go on air or imitating their TV plans.

Target your most relevant audiences

Engage with audiences of brands which are not direct competitors but are reaching the same priority markets. Target viewers of brand partners' ads or TV campaigns who are reaching your target demographics.

Create brand lift surveys for TV campaigns

Conduct surveys to assess the real impact of your TV advertisements. Measure brand awareness, ad recall and purchase intent.

Find the ideal number of times to show ads

Test the effectiveness of different frequencies of ad exposure and arrive at an optimal engagement unique to your brand.

Assess the most impactful TV spots

Measure reach and impression among your target audiences across different genres, shows, channels and timeslots.

Design ad creatives based on content affinity

Identify the tastes of your key audiences and design effective creatives based on quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Track your customer's journey

Run consumer surveys to sharpen your brand's target group among priority markets. Track their entire journey from content exposure to engagement, all the way to purchase.

Uma Talreja
Chief Digital Officer, Raymond Ltd.
"We have been experimenting with Zapr for several campaigns in the last few months and it has helped us reduce wastage, create better sequencing and enhance our targeting, all with one platform. It has been a valuable exercise."
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