TV consumption insights and cross-screen engagement
  • Get granular insights on the performance of your channels and competitors
  • Interact with TV audiences on their mobiles for
    acquisition, retention and content feedback
TV viewership analytics
TV-to-Mobile Targeting
Target Audience Research
Strengthen niche channels proposition
TV viewership analytics
Get granular insights on your TV audiences.

Content performance against competition
Find the reach (how many people watched it) and impressions (how many times they watched it) for your channel or show for different time-slots, on weekdays and weekends. Compare these metrics against competitor channels and shows.
Geographic analysis
Identify towns, cities and states which had lower reach compared to competitors. Improve content or change programme time-slots to increase viewership.
Promo viewership analytics and conversion measurement
Measure the success of your promo videos (for a show, movie or a broadcasted event) by identifying promo viewers and how many converted into show viewers.
Drop-out analysis
Identify people who stopped watching a show or channel and classify them by demography (age, gender) and affluence levels.
CASE STUDY: Major broadcaster gets daily
viewership insights for popular Hindi GEC channel
TV-to-Mobile Targeting
Leverage cross-screen technology to boost TV viewership.

Acquire new viewers
Target promos to people who watch specific genres or competitor shows and channels.
Maintain Loyalty
Target regular viewers of a show or channel with promos to keep them hooked.
Win back lapsers / drop-outs
Identify people who stopped watching a show or channel and target them with enticing promos.
Target Audience Research
Know who your TV audiences are and what works for them.

Get TV content feedback
Find out what loyalists as well as lapsers think about your content.
Conduct customer research
Understand what motivates the behaviour of your consumers
Profile audiences better
Understand demographics, working status, etc.
Run surveys among promo viewers
Understand the success of promos/campaigns through test and control groups.
CASE STUDY : Star India, Sony TV and Colors TV
boost viewership with TV-to-Mobile engagement.
Strengthen niche channels value proposition for advertisers
Use deterministic TV viewership data to justify niche channel consumption.
HD channel viewers with high income
HD subscribers have 3x higher disposable income than SD subscribers, and ~60% of them reside in India’s top 10 cities.
Exclusive English channel viewers
English channel viewers spend only 15% time on Hindi shows/channels making it extremely difficult to reach them outside English channels.
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