Get individual, hyperlocal viewership data analytics of your shows and target viewers on mobile for instant turnout and feedback.


Get individual viewership analytics of your shows at hyperlocal levels of data


Directly impact TV turnout and get viewers to switch channels by targeting relevant content on mobile


Get instant feedback: tweak current shows or create new content based on real-time viewership trends

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Our offerings on data analytics, TV targeting and consumer research are uniquely tailored to provide actionable insights and real-time solutions
Track channel viewership in real-time

Monitor your channel viewership on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Find out who is watching your shows - where do they come from? how long do they stay? what time do they tune in?

Analyze TV Viewership to measure true ROI

Keep track of how your content is performing compared to competitor channels. Measure your share of TV audiences and determine the price of your ad spots.

Get hyperlocal TV data

Reach viewers in both broad markets or niche geographies and socio-cultural-regions (SCRs). Engage with different language markets even within the same states.

Drive insights on niche channels

Get granular data even for TV channels which have a smaller viewership base.

Target viewers of rival channels

Identify your competition's audiences and directly engage them with your promos on their mobiles.

Engage time-slot loyalists

Reach people who regularly watch TV during your show timings (eg: primetime) and increase their chances of tuning into your channel.

Engage genre specific audiences

Identify people most likely to be interested in your content based on TV consumption preferences. For example, target viewers of sports channels to boost awareness for a sports league aired on your channel.

Retain regular viewers

Engage audiences who regularly watch your shows. Keep them engaged with promos and interactive content on their mobiles.

Gain back lost audience

Catch the interest of audiences dropping off and migrating to other channels. Target them with content they missed and increase their inclination to switch back.

Get feedback from show viewers

Accurately identify show viewers and conduct mobile surveys to understand what they like or don't like about your content.

Measure content preferences among target audiences

Track the performance of your TV campaigns. Measure unique reach and frequency of ad exposure across any genre, channel and time slot - primetime vs. non-primetime, weekdays vs. weekends. Find your target group based on TV content consumption, and target only them with surveys for your new show.

Arnab Goswami
Managing Director, Republic TV
I think it's going to really revolutionize the way we are looking at getting some sense of data, how people are watching and consuming media.
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