Our offerings on data analytics, TV targeting and consumer research are uniquely tailored to provide actionable insights and real-time solutions
Find out what moviegoers want to watch

Identify individuals who go to cinemas and find their taste in content. Track TV viewing history to find genre preferences.

Design impactful film trailers

Evaluate the effectiveness of your movie promos among target audiences and create attractive trailers.

Find out new trending content for cinema

Identify moviegoers using mobile surveys and find out what makes them go for the cinema experience.

Engage fans who are most likely to watch your new movie

Target promos among people who watch a lot of content from specific actors, actresses or directors.

Reach and engage genre fans

Target movie ads to light, moderate or heavy viewers of specific genres.

Launching a sequel? Make sure the fans watch

Engage people who have watched prequels or spin-offs and ensure they come back for the next experience.

Attract specific language markets

Identify viewers of specific language content based on TV consumption history, and target promos for movies in the same language.

Did fans end up watching your movie? Find out

Map the journey of moviegoers from trailer viewership to in-cinema. Measure the ultimate Return Of Investment (ROI) for movie promo campaigns .

Track ad viewership in cinemas

Use innovative audio recognition technology to determine ad viewership in cinemas:
Can advertisers ensure their ads were played on screen?
Did people leave the cinema hall between ads?

Juhi Singh
Consumer Research & Insights, Myntra
"We wanted to understand each and every consumer holistically… We started looking at their TV consumption on a daily basis for the past six months. We got great insight in terms of what kind of ads these users are viewing… what kind of creatives we should push to them, what kind of experience [users] should have on the app."
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