Understand How Your App Users Are Watching TV
  • Create effective TV media plans that will increase user activity on your app
  • Measure the impact of your TV ads from exposure to in-app purchase
  • Understand your competitor’s influence on your app users
How Convex Works
Overlapping Users
We find an overlap between your app users and Zapr’s smartphone universe. This intersectional audience becomes the focus group for TV/TVC viewership studies.
TVC Analysis
We analyze how your TV Commercials or your competitor’s TVCs performed among your own app user-base. This includes reach & frequency of exposure on a weekly, time-slot and genre basis.
TV Viewership
We deep-dive into the TV viewership habits of app users across all channels and shows.
How Swiggy Leveraged TV Data
Connect TV ad viewership with user behaviour on app
Track every TV ad exposure back to user behaviour on the app. Do users buy something after watching your ads? Do existing users become more active? Do new users join the app?
Create effective TV media plans with deterministic data
Find the exact shows and channels that your app users watch on TV. Advertise on these spots to get the highest reach and impact among your existing customers (app users) who are most receptive to your marketing message. What more? Zapr can not only give you the data but will create these media plans for you!

Segment users by their behaviour on the app
Narrow down your TV viewership analysis for specific segments (or cohorts) such as frequent shoppers, lapsers who are not active on the app, occasional buyers and so on. Use this data to create TV media plans targeted to reach specific types of users.
Identify Users exposed to competitor TV ads
Your own app users might be buying from your competitors, or thinking about it! Find those who are exposed to you competitor’s TV ads and create a media plan that will ensure they buy only from you.
Find affluent users to advertise premium products
Find the spending power of your app users through the kind of mobile devices they use. Create different media plans based on whether they use low, mid, high-end or premium devices, to advertise products of different price ranges.
Learn more about TV viewing habits of your customers today.