A Digital Extension To Your TV Strategy
Leverage our cross-channel marketing solution and reach people on the most influential digital space - mobile.
Widen your audience
Extend TV ads on mobile
Target competitor's audience
Target real-time moments
Engage beyond TV
Convert viewers to leads
Reach new individuals who have never seen your TV content
Find specific people who missed your TV content and target them on mobile. Save 80% costs by eliminating repeat audiences.
Extend your TV ads on mobile and achieve optimal frequency
Identify TV viewers who are not familiar with your content and engage them directly on mobile at lower costs. Expand your reach within targeted geographies and markets.
Target competition, win share-of-mind among their audience
Counter competition by directly engaging their audience on mobile. Map out viewers of competitor shows and brands, and engage them cost effectively.
"Zapr has played a pivotal role in our recent campaign 'GoActive' and enabled us to reach our priority audience. Through the campaign, we could reach 1.6 million unique individuals which has subsequently empowered us to get 30.3% growth in our overall social media traffic in just a month."
Anika Agarwal,
Senior Vice President and Head-Marketing, Digital and Direct Sales - Max Bupa Health Insurance
Target your TV audience at the right moments in real-time
Convert LIVE TV events into clickable ads on mobile! Seize the excitement of the moment to amplify your brand message. Engage with audiences who use their mobiles simultaneously while watching TV and gain ad-memorability.
Don't have content on TV? Engage viewers anyway!
Reach relevant TV audiences on mobile, based on their exposure to commercials or preference for any kind of content on TV. Recreate a TV campaign on mobile.
Convert your TV audiences into actual leads
Sync TV and mobile for immediate engagement, get higher brand lift and convert target audiences into show viewers or buyers.
Ad formats
100+ mobile apps
Zero spillover of ad dollars
100+ exchange networks
Daily refreshed user IDs
Real-time bidding of inventory for active engagement