What's Your Audience Watching On TV?
Get essential, real-time TV data insights, making audiences more addressable and measurable for marketers, advertisers and media planners.
Sharpen your media plan
Measure your TV impact
Know your audience
Sharpen your media plan with richer TV consumption data
Go granular. As much as you want.
Understand audience content preferences, high impact time slots, reach and impressions.
Exploring geo-markets? Leverage hyperlocal TV viewership insights.
Map users accurately based on city or state levels, socio-cultural belts and even niche zones (south, north, east, west) within a locality.
Sharpen your TV media mix. Explore niche channels for better ROI opportunities.
Get in-depth analysis for smaller channels which have inadequate data often reflected as null spots.
Is your TV strategy working? Measure in real time
Measure your audiences among TV genres (reality shows, news, etc.) or TV commercials across our base of millions of active TV viewers and drive actionable insights.
"I think it's going to really revolutionize the way we are looking at getting some sense of data, how people are watching and consuming media."
Arnab Goswami,
Managing Director, Republic TV
Identify and understand your TV audiences like never before
Analyze content preferences, language consumption, socio-economic indicators, age and gender, purchase behaviour, etc.