Monetize your inventory better with branding dollars

Integrate ZAPR’s SDK to drive brand ads and move away from low value app install ads on your inventory; go beyond generic mobile advertising to deliver high margin TV ad spends.

ZAPR’s TV audience data now allows brands to differentiate your app users as personas they understand – from IPL fans to soccer fanatics, action movie buffs to romcom lovers, news addicts to MasterChef patrons, Punjabi music lovers to WWE crazies.

Enhanced user engagement and personalization

ZAPR’s TV audience data allows app developers to add advanced TV context to boost their user engagement metrics. Integrate with ZAPR’s SDK to drive numerous use cases like:

Personalized app experience

Recommend the right content (songs, movies, books, etc.) based on user’s TV consumption profile and persona.

Targeted m-commerce

Perfectly timed product promotions viz. recommending a Mumbai Indians jersey to a fan during a live telecast.

Real-time TV interaction

TV synced app features like social TV chat rooms, live sports interactions, TV polls, etc.

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