Get The Answers You Need From Your TV Audience. Instantly.
Drive post-campaign surveys and targeted customer research for efficient media planning. Ask only the relevant audiences and take timely action for real results.
Conduct mobile surveys
Analyze content preferences
Get audience feedback
Leverage mobile surveys efficiently to get real-time customer feedback
Spending millions on TV? Conduct brand lift surveys to assess your efforts.
Measure brand lift metrics like awareness, recall, purchase intent and other lead generation with targeted surveys.
Optimize marketing metrics for your TV ads based on customer feedback.
Precisely measure optimal frequency for engagement, effective creatives and videos, high impact shows and time slots.
Make your media plan better with real-time customer feedback.
Plan perfect TV strategies with in-depth studies of target audiences by demography and content affinity. Ensure your TV campaigns reach them by tracking back viewership.
Measure content preferences among target audiences
Find your target group based on TV content consumption, and target only them with surveys for your new show.
"I really wanted to know at a very granular level, using big data, what the Indian consumer was actually viewing. And I think Zapr really came out with that solution…"
Mallikarjun Das,
Group CEO, Starcom India
Get feedback from TV content viewers
Accurately identify show viewers and conduct mobile surveys to understand what they like or don't like about your content.