Zapr Smart Segments are exclusive media consumption-based audiences now easily accessible for digital advertising through data management platforms (DMP) like Lotame.
Maximize brand awareness by building unduplicated reach over TV
Amplify brand engagement by plugging frequency gaps
Capture the attention of distracted TV viewers
Sharpen target audience with media-driven personas
Complement TV campaigns
Cord Cutters
Segment size: 40 - 50 million
Drive unduplicated reach and build awareness among new, unexposed audiences. Make sure they’re optimally exposed to your ads on digital platforms.
  • Cord Cutters
    “TV averse audiences” who have stopped watching TV and shifted to digital mediums for content consumption.
  • Cord Shavers
    These are audiences who have considerably reduced their TV viewership and are sub-optimally exposed to TV campaigns.
  • Cord Lovers
    Heavy TV consumers who have been optimally exposed to your TV brand campaigns.
  • Cord Fakers
    “Distracted audiences” who pay very little or no attention to what’s happening on the TV screen, and divide screen time between TV and mobile.
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Sharpen digital campaigns
Competition-influenced Audiences
Segment size: 15 - 25 million
Win your competitor's audiences over to your side by engaging them in an uncluttered environment.
  • Competition-influenced Audiences
    Audiences exposed to competition TV campaigns.
  • Affluent Audiences
    Individuals with high purchase power and high involvement.
  • Digital First Audiences
    Audiences who heavily consume digital content such as OTT and other mobile apps. They frequently carry out digital transactions, and are active on social media.
  • Language Segments
    Individuals who consume TV content in a specific vernacular language.
Other key behavioural profile
Working professional
Sports lover
Parents with young kids
Fashion and lifestyle follower
Celeb Fans
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